Watttime App Uses Only Clean Energy When Charging Evs

Watttime App Uses Only Clean Energy When Charging Evs

We have always heard about suggestions of using green energy from various sources. But have you ever heard of someone actually using it? There will only handful of them using green energy. Well, WattTime is one of those handfuls.

Watttime App Uses Only Clean Energy When Charging Evs

It is a tech company based in Berkeley, California. The main reason why this small scale tech came up in the limelight is due to its new achievement. It has invented an app that can charge an electrical vehicle by using only green energy. Now this green energy is nothing but renewable energy from plants which will result in reduction of CO2 emissions.

Gavin McCormick, co-founder of WattTime, claimed that using this smartphone app can reduce CO2 emission at least by 5%. This can be helpful in some areas where nuclear or solar power is more common. This will result in 100% reduction of CO2 in those areas which was caused by using fossil fuels.

WattTime is bonding up with electric vehicle charging firms. Additionally, it had come together with providers of smart thermostat that utilizes the intelligence of app to time air conditioning and electric heating for reducing the carbon emissions.

Well friends, now this is something that we call as an initiative. Hats off to team WattTime!!! They truly have made use of green energy unlike others. They have set an example in front of the world. Don’t you think so? Well if yes, then do let us know your thoughts? Comment your suggestion. Also let us know if you have information of any such company like WattTime.

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