“Say cheese”: Now even the blind can capture pictures

Capturing pictures is something that every individual loves and enjoys. It is a memory all cherish even after years pass by visualizing the images. “However, when it comes to the blind, is it possible?” is the first question asked. Previously, it wasn’t but now it surely is possible.


For making the dream of the blind or the partially blind people of capturing the best moments of their life, an app has been developed. The app named “FotoOto” helps not only capture the candid moments but also visually impersonate the picture using the audible feature added to the images.

The app is free and only available for iOS operating smartphones. It is easy to use, access as well as share photos just like any other normal app. FotoOto app has a very unique feature, that is, it recognizes the gist of the images and turns it into a text, which the blind can listen to on their smartphones. The text is translated into a Braille format, which can be printed using the Braille-attuned printer. It thus helps the visually impaired people read the content of the picture by just scrolling their fingers over the image. The FotoOto app is easy to use as the shutter button provided is large and also located right in the center of the display.

When it comes to adding sounds to the images, the app adds a short and sweet piano melody in case of the blue and cloudy sky. Even the users have an option of adding their own commentary for the captured images or add extra background sounds. The photographs taken using this fabulous app can be saved or shared openly on the social media networks as well as the images stored locally can be imported and processed through the app.

Now it is time for the visually impaired to share their thoughts and emotions through the pictures on the social sites and connect to a number of people with poise. “Let’s see the world through the eyes of FotoOto in order to get an emotional impression of the images” is what a visually impaired user has to say.

In short, experience pictures beyond seeing.

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