“About” Section: One More Feature To Be Added To Whatsapp Soon

“About” Section: One More Feature To Be Added To Whatsapp Soon

WhatsApp has been recently in news for its new “Status” update. And also its older version of text-based status was spotted in the recent beta builds of WhatsApp. However, the company after observing massive criticism by the users has confirmed that the old text-based status version will be making its comeback soon.

“About” Section: One More Feature To Be Added To Whatsapp Soon

The Status feature Of WhatsApp was launched in the previous month to Android, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile platforms. With this feature, instead of just sharing text-based statuses, the user is permitted to share GIFs, photos, and videos as their status to which they can add emojis, captions, and drawings. The updated status can be seen by the contacts only for 24 hours. After the time limit, the status disappears automatically.

And now, the company is said to soon launch the “About Status” feature for Android smartphones and ultimately, the iOS smartphones will also get equipped with the functionality. As soon as the update is launched, it will enable the users to set text-based status posts by steering to the ‘About’ segment of their WhatsApp profiles. The user can also see the status updates of other people in group chat data or by rolling through their contact details.

The company said, “We took a notice from our customers that individuals failed to set a constant text-only post in their profile. Taking this into consideration, we have incorporated this accessibility into the “About” segment in the profile settings. With this, the update will be seen adjacent to the profile names whenever you sight contacts, including when you look at Group details or when you create a new chat. Simultaneously, we are enduring to develop the new Status feature that offers the user fun and appealing approaches to share videos, GIFs, and photos with their family and friends all through their day.

So, are you excited to have back the text-based status?

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