Shortcuts of Notepad++

Shortcuts of Notepad++

Well, if you are a coder, then you must be aware of Notepad++. The Notepad++ is a software that is used for coding in a sophisticated manner. This is commonly used when the language used for coding is HTML. Here are some shortcuts of Notepad++.

Shortcuts of Notepad++

Ctrl-C  Copy

Ctrl-Insert       Copy

Ctrl-Shift-T     Copy current line to clipboard

Ctrl-X  Cut

Shift-Delete   Cut

Ctrl-V  Paste

Shift-Insert    Paste

Ctrl-Z  Undo

Alt-Backspace          Undo

Ctrl-Y  Redo

Ctrl-A  Select All

Alt-Shift-Arrow keys, or Alt + Left mouse click    Column Mode Select

Ctrl + Left mouse click         Start new selected area. Only multiple stream areas can be selected this way.

ALT-C Column Editor

Ctrl-D  Duplicate Current Line

Ctrl-T  Switch the current line position with the previous line position

Ctrl-Shift-Up  Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Up

Ctrl-Shift-Down        Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Down

Ctrl-L  Delete Current Line

Ctrl-I    Split Lines

Ctrl-J   Join Lines

Ctrl-G  Launch GoToLine Dialog

Ctrl-Q  Single line comment

Ctrl-Shift-Q    Single line uncomment

Ctrl-K  Toggle single line comment

Ctrl-Shift-K    Block comment

Tab (selection of one or more full lines)  Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent)

Shift-Tab (selection of one or more full lines)    Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent)

Ctrl-BackSpace        Delete to start of word

Ctrl-Delete     Delete to end of word

Ctrl-Shift-BackSpace          Delete to start of line

Ctrl-Shift-Delete       Delete to end of line

Ctrl-U  Convert to lower case

Ctrl-Shift-U    Convert to UPPER CASE

Ctrl-B  Go to matching brace

Ctrl-Space     Launch CallTip ListBox

Ctrl-Shift-Space       Launch Function Completion ListBox

Ctrl-Alt-Space           Launch Path Completion ListBox

Ctrl-Enter       Launch Word Completion ListBox

Ctrl-Alt-R        Text Direction RTL

Ctrl-Alt-L        Text Direction LTR

Enter  Split line downwards, or create new line

Shift-Enter     Split line downwards, or create new line

Ctrl-Alt-Enter Insert new unindented line above current

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Enter   Insert new unindented line below current

Friends, the above shortcuts are just the basic ones. Once you have mastered these shortcuts, we will return with more for you. Till then, stay tuned.

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