Signal Vault RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector – As Seen on Shark Tank

Periodic news reports about compromised consumer data, including sensitive credit card information, remind consumers of the risks of paying for in-store and online purchases via credit or debit card. Tonight, Season 7 Episode 1 of Shark Tank made us all painfully aware of the fact that hackers are discovering new ways of stealing the credit card information of unsuspecting shoppers.

Meanwhile, banks and retailers are continuously implementing safety precautions to protect consumer data but sadly this is not enough. Consumers also need to protect their information even when not shopping or making transactions at their local bank. Enter SignalVault; the world’s soon-to-be-loved RFID blocking credit card protector.

If you watched tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, you might have also been unaware of the need for a product like SignalVault. Sadly, hackers have developed technology which enables them to steal debit and credit card information simply when walking past people in a crowd. Theft victims do not need to be using their credit or debit cards at the time. The cards might be tucked securely inside a wallet or purse. Yet, hackers can utilize high tech scanning equipment to steal information from cards with a radio frequency identification chip, also known as an RFID chip.

RFID chips allow for quick checkout. Shoppers just wave their card in front of a scanner to pay rather than swiping it. The convenience of this expedited checkout process comes at a potentially high price should debit or credit card data be stolen. Hackers realized this same scanner technology could be used to steal credit and debit card information at a range of up to 25 feet. Using their own scanning equipment, hackers walk past and pick up whatever card information they can from cards with the RFID chip.

Image credit: SignalVault

Image credit: SignalVault

Modern day, high tech pickpocketing has been dubbed such names as pocket surfing, RFID pickpocketing, wireless theft, and crowd hacking. Worse yet, it doesn’t take much for a hacker to partake in this sneaky brand of thievery. For as little as $8, an informed hacker can build a device with the capability of stealing complete credit and debit card information from about 20 cards in just two minutes.

The ease with which hackers can steal debit or credit card data is shocking. Fortunately, there is now a way for consumers to protect themselves. SignalVault provides safe storage of credit and debit cards and is an RFID blocker. It blocks scanners from reading the RFID chip, is roomy enough to hold several cards at a time, does not need batteries or electricity to operate, and lasts up to five years.

Protecting sensitive credit and debit card data is well worth its modest price point. At just $15, SignalVault is reasonably priced and affordable to anyone. Featured recently on the hit television show Shark Tank, this will certainly not be the last we hear of SignalVault and other products with similar purposes. SignalVault is available for immediate purchase online through Amazon.

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