Smartify: An Image Recognition App That Scans Paintings

Smartify: An Image Recognition App That Scans Paintings

Having a digital copy of the image from an art gallery is tedious as well as not so cost-friendly either. So think about having the detailed information regarding an art without even visiting the gallery. Wouldn’t it be amazing? An app can help you take a tour of an art gallery you wished to go.

Smartify: An Image Recognition App That Scans Paintings

Thanos Kokkiniotis is the brain child behind the image recognition app called “Smartify” that helps give an individual the detailed information regarding the art or also scans the art for its identification. The new image recognition app is considered to be similar to the other apps such as Shazam and Spotify. The app can help you get the details of the arts presented at a specific gallery or museum by just scanning the art specific postcards. It makes your work all the more easy without even visiting the gallery. It’s a boon for the people who just like being stuck to their couch. Even though the app is a good idea, some galleries or museums already have a digitized version of their artwork which can restrain the app use a little.

For now, Kokkiniotis plans to let the Smartify app be used across various institutions. The biggest challenge right now is convincing the art galleries and museums to let the app access their artwork. The app has to set its mark high up to match up to the already existing digitized artwork.

Google’s app “Art Project” lets an individual take a tour of the gallery along with providing digital versions of the art. However, Smartify provides a real-time world visit instead of just presenting to be an online image database. According to Kokkiniotis, the app will let the galleries or museums access the information regarding the people visiting their artwork in order to increase the marketing and advertising. On the other hand, the people not wanting to disclose their details can use the app without logging in.

Most of the people don’t like the use of smartphones during their visit to the galleries. However, the hi-tech app is set to launch in the Louvre in France, Paris, the Wallace Collection in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam by the end of May.

Buckle up your shoes as the app is going hit the market soon.

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