Snapdeal Plans To Go Green

Snapdeal Plans To Go Green

Snapdeal plans to go green way to give a helping hand to the Indian Government. This e-commerce platform plans to set up a number of rooftop solar panels on its warehouses present in various locations. It is planning to set up a 1MW power generation solar panels.

Snapdeal Plans To Go Green

Amplus Energy Solutions plans to take up the project of setting up of solar rooftop panels for Snapdeal logistics arm Vulcan Express using about 5 Crore funding. Thus, Snapdeal is taking the initiative seriously in order to reduce 34,500 metric ton carbon emission and 2,55,000 barrels crude oil consumption reduction.

The company has mega logistic hubs in Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Lucknow and 3 Million square feet 69 warehouses across 25 cities in India where it plans to bring about its project to life.

According to Vulcan Express Executive Hardeep Singh, “This step is not only about cost reduction but also about conserving the energy and reducing the carbon emission.”

In India, the rooftop market is propelling high due to its abundant utilization at the commercial, industrial as well as residential level. As per the government, about 20 GW power has to be minimally generated using the rooftop panels. Nowadays, the e-commerce and retail companies have taken up the initiative to install the solar panels on their warehouse’s rooftops. As a result, these sectors coming in the forefront will help the solar power capacity per capita to increase and lead India in the gross solar power output.

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