Solution to Clear DNS Cache on Android

Solution to Clear DNS Cache on Android

One of the main dilemmas that the Android users face is the issue related to DNA cache. This is the universal problem that bothers the Android users. But now it is time to get rid of this issue. Here are some methods to do so.

Solution to Clear DNS Cache on Android

  1. Use Browser

This is the simplest method of all. Follow the below steps sequentially.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Applications
  3. Application manager
  4. Chrome (or any browser)
  5. Storage
  7. Clearing DNS Cache Online
  8. Open Chrome Android
  9. Type://net-internals/#dns
  10. Click on ‘Clear host cache’ button
  11. Click on the drop-down menu seen at the end of red bar
  12. Click on ‘Clear host cache’ button again
  13. Use Wi-Fi to Clear DNS Cache
  14. Go to Settings on your Android
  15. Open Wi-Fi
  16. Long press the network you want to modify DNS for
  17. Click on ‘Modify network’. A pop up will appear
  18. Click ‘Advanced options’
  19. Select IP settings as ‘Static’
  20. Feed DNS address manually.
  21. Type for DNS 1
  22. Type for DNS 2
  23. Change DNS Settings via Third-Party App
  24. Download DNS Changer on your Android
  25. Launch the app
  26. You can now select several DNS like to set custom DNS
  27. Click ‘Start’ button
  28. Tap on OK button for ‘Connection request’

Now that you have learned how to clear the cache memory for DNS, you all set to try it in your mobile. You can try any one of the above method. All the methods are working fine and will cause no harm to your Android device.

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