Sony Rolls Out SRS-XB20

Sony Rolls Out SRS-XB20

Sony launched another speaker to add to its SRS line of speakers. After launching the SRS-XB40 and SRS-XB30, the company has now launched the new Sony SRS-XB20 speaker. Let us have a look at the specs of this new speaker.

Sony Rolls Out SRS-XB20

Battery life

The new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers claim to give 12 hours of battery backup when charged once. This makes the users free from the tension of frequent charging up the speaker.


The new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers are wireless in nature. Hence users can clutch these speakers any where they want. The tiny dimension of the speaker is also useful. This permits the users to bring the Bass wherever they go.

Flashy light

The new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers are equipped with flashy lights as well. The speakers have in built multicolored line light, speaker lights, and a flashing strobe. This is the part of the design. This allows us to see the music that we listen.

Powerful Bass

The new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers is equipped with the company’s EXTRA BASS feature that was also present in Sony’s MDR range of headphones as well as SRS-XB40. This feature is used to enhance the frequencies of the music. The bass offered by the new speaker gives more than just beat. The EXTRA BASS feature is enabled with a single touch.


The new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers can be handled wirelessly by the new SongPal app; therefore, there is no necessity to handle the speakers manually. The app allows you to handle the lights as well as app. Users can also get status of the battery that remaining in the headphones. The speakers can also be linked via Bluetooth to handle music tracks only.

Water resistance

Being water resistant is one of the significant features that the company has added to the new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers. The speakers are certified with IPX5 certificate for water resistance.

Last but not the least, the new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers are priced for $99.99. This is almost Rs 6.4K in the Indian market.

In short, the new Sony SRS-XB20 speakers are specifically for those who want to enjoy the feature of SRS-XB30 but with a less battery life and affordable cost.

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