Spyware Gives Scammers An Edge In Online Poker

Whether you play online Poker, or you know someone that does, the chance that someone else is watching their hands during game play online is very possible. Eset, one of the top antivirus solutions on the market, uncovered this dirty little trick that scammers are using to gain an edge online. As of now according to reports, only Russia and Ukraine are only being affected by this hack, but this doesn’t mean they haven’t started trying in other countries.

How the offender is able to play based on the information they have is still not known, but these hackers are able to gain access to your computer through a malicious spyware program known as Win32/Spy.Odlanor, which was uncovered only recently. By taking screenshots of the victims computer, the hackers are able to see the current poker hands of the player’s infected computer. The primary games which this virus can effect include Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars, which have an extremely large player base.

poker virus

The cause of the infection comes from a downloadable virus that many poker players unknowingly install on their computers. Some of the sites where these spyware files are stored pose as an official poker site by matching the colors and design to trick unsuspecting downloaders. Other sites which offer help as poker assistance programs also install spyware that most people are unaware of as well.

In order to keep yourself safe or family who you know may be playing these games, keeping antivirus software on your computer up to date is the primary line of defense. Running full scans each week, or even daily if you really want to be thorough are extremely important. Having the idea that 2 antivirus programs will do double the work is generally not the best method to stay safe according to Kaspersky, which says that these programs will “fight over viruses”, giving you a false positive from one software when the other one has already cleaned it up.

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