What are States Doing to Fight Bad Air?

Increasing pollution in Delhi is a matter of concern for the country as well as government. What are the measures that the state government is taking against this issue? In order to stop this, states such as Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are asked to submit their action plans by the NCR Planning Board.

Moreover, the NCR Planning Board also ordered the state government to develop the forest cover from the current 3.3% to 20%. Orders were also given to acquire land for building 7 brand new inter-states roads “as soon as possible”.

The board showed great concerns when they examined the numbers. The numbers show the reduction in the forest covers of NCR to 3.3% till 2012. The same number was 4.3% in 1999.

The state government has decided to alert the industries creating the worst pollution in the city to use preventive measures for pollution control. Failing to do so, the industries have to relocate immediately.

M Venkaiah Naidu, Union urban development minister, said regarding the current condition—the four major states of the country should come together and plan for reducing the pollution in North. To support this and reduce the vehicle use, the government is likely to reduce bus fares to half.

Well, this is really a matter of concern, not only for the North of nation but for the whole country. Do you have any preventive measure? Then do let us know? Please share your thoughts with us. They will be always appreciated. Do not forget to write.

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