Stephen Curry Likened To Michael Jordan Yet Completely Different

Over the last decade you have heard LeBron James and Kobe Bryant being likened to Michael Jordan and influenced by his game. The styles of those players was very much about attacking the rim. Stephen Curry is the latest baller to be likened to the great Michael Jordan, but his playing style is quite different.

While Jordan improved his ability in late years to knock down the mid-range jumper, and occasionally hit a long buzzer beater from the 3 point line, the finesse and  hang time is what made him so memorable for many. Since the 90’s glory days of Michael, a new breed of players has ushered in a focus more on the 3 point line than ever before. Just go down to your local gym that has a basketball court, and you will find during just about any pickup game, guys taking 3 point shots a majority of the time rather than getting an easy layup.

Stephen Curry has definitely changed the way the game is played in one of the most amazing ways. Curry is currently shooting almost 47% from the 3 point line. This means that the risk versus reward for him to always take shots from the 3 point line is well worth it. Still other players attempt to play in the same fashion, but it can mean easily being blown out, or tanking when you go on a cold streak. The Warriors have managed to be the most winning team in the NBA last season and this season, with Stephen Curry leading the way with his insane shooting ability.

Let’s talk a bit more about how Jordan and Curry actually match up though in comparison. Curry can definitely hit a game winner as was put on display the other night in his final shot from 38 feet against the Thunder just as Jordan did multiple times in his career.

Both guys are the face of a major brand, and likely will be for many years to come. As an ambassador of Nike, Michael Jordan continues to accumulate more wealth than you can shake a stick at, while Curry likewise has become a huge boost to the Under Armour line of shoes as their new face.

While Curry hasn’t been playing long enough to even compare when it comes to achievements, points per game would be a fair comparison for us to look at. As of now Curry has a career of averaging 22 points per game, whereas Jordan averaged 30 points per game. However that is changing quite a bit since the latest season of Curry’s playing he has averaged 30.7 points per game. If he is able to keep that number up then in another 4 or 5 years we might be able to actually start comparing on a deeper level, but it’s safe to say at this point, that the dynamics of each player is just completely different, and for that reason nobody can truly compare them as players, but only their achievements at the end of the day.

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