Study discovers which people fear death the least

The great philosopher Socrates had already warned us for not fearing death. He thought it unreasonable; the fear of death forces you to believe you are clever than you really are. “Nobody can tell, but death may be the greatest advantage of humans; nobody knows death; and yet humans are frightened of it, as if they knew surely that it were the greatest of evils,” Socrates completed. His main motive may have been the spiritual who uttered belief in the spirit world with greatest sureness, a trend still in form today.

None on the earth is actually aware of the fact that what happens after death. But according to Socrates and his belief, it turns out that those people who have more religious beliefs are less fearful of death than the normal people who are more inclined towards the technological proofs. Hence, a new study found a U-shaped curve while examination of death. This study was published in Religion, Brain & Behavior which stated that people with religious belief fears the least for death.

A group of experts guided by Dr. Jonathan Jong, researcher at Coventry University, analyzed centuries of article over the last few decades which represented over 26,000 people fearing most as well as least for the death. Digging thoroughly, it was found that the study was inclined more towards the fear of death than the actual death.

Jong’s colleague Ernest Becker, author of The Denial of Death published in 1973 and also the winner of Pulitzer in 1974, died from cancer after two months. Becker assumes that modernization is in fact a defense mechanism against death, with our various customs created to provide a delusion of eternalness. Possibly what mankind desire, he thinks, is an assurance of infinity, a passion filled by dualism, the faith that a different spirit subsists beyond fascia and flesh.

Becker understood that we wish a glance of perpetuity, some kind of agreement that perseveres when we stop living. Instead of dealing with the delusion that boosts societies forward, we invent even more tricks.

In short, start being religious in order to tackle the fear of death!!!!

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