Super Mario Run to be launched on March 23 for Android

Game addicts, your wait is over with the official announcement by Nintendo about the release date of the famous, Super Mario Run, for Android. Recently, the company made a tweet confirming about making the game available on March 23 for Android users.

Formerly, Super Mario Run was only available for   Apple devices. The game was rolled out in December in almost 151 countries and was evaluated to be downloaded for 78 million times. However, it failed to achieve the status as expected by the company.

The game can be downloaded free of cost, but the player has to pay a sum of $10, that is, approximately Rs 670, to go ahead of the first 3 levels. Markedly, only a 5% of users of Super Mario Run have paid the cost to unlock the complete game. This is chiefly the result of its price $10; if we take into consideration the cost of other most trendy games from App stores or Google Play.

Super Mario Run is a conventional 2D game. The entire game usually runs in a portrait mode. Throughout the game, the users are continuously tapping on the display in order to move Mario ahead collecting coins, stepping on enemies, and jumping off the coins.

And now, when even Nintendo is all ready to launch the game for Android user, the question that comes to mind is that will the Android users pay a sum of $10 for playing the full game. But if you are enthusiastic enough to play the game on your Android device, all you need to do is register so that you can be get a notification regarding the downloading of Super Mario Run on March 23.

Apart from announcing the release date of the game, Nintendo has also disclosed about integrating the game with new version 2.0.0. At present, version 1.1.2 is available for iPhone app.

Excited about playing Super Mario Run?

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