The testing of the new “Explore” tab by Facebook

Every app is getting an update with all new features. Have you seen a little rocket icon under the search bar of your Facebook app? If yes, you are in for a delight. This means that now you a part of Facebook’s trial regarding its undisclosed second News Feed. This new News Feed is expected to be entirely diverse from its normal timeline. The new feature enables the user to switch between 2 pages, that is, a completely new Explore feed and the known one Home feed.

So, we can soon expect to get an “Explore Tab” to the mobile app. However, the iOS version of the Facebook app already has the “Explore” option functioning. At the bottom, 4 tabs mentioned, namely, Requests, News Fees, Notification, Explore, and finally More. This feature is not yet seen on the Android version.

Facebook has not yet announced anything about this new feature officially and even the feature is spotted by only a few users. Nothing much is known about the exact functioning of this new feature but is supposed to be a more committed tab that will give access to links to articles, pages that you had liked or you may like on the network.

With this available information, it seems that this new feature will be much like the Explore tab of Instagram that shows videos and account pages. The Explore tab is also said to show the users photos from accounts, which they may not be following. After all this, the question that comes to our minds is whether Facebook needs such an update at this moment? As we can see all the published stories and links that someone may like in the News Feed.

Following the “Explore” option, Facebook is also said to make changes in the “Stories” feature. The stories can be seen on the top right of the News Feed shared by your friends with a blue ring encircling the profile photo. When a user shares a new Facebook story, it is indicated by a dark blue circle. The users can see the Stories by tapping on the individual profile picture. The user can now also send direct messages through Stories.

So, let’s wait till the official announcement by Facebook about the updates.

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