The Waterproof Splash Drone 3 Officially Released on Kickstarter

Most of the drone owners have an obvious fear when they fly their drone over water. Moreover, drones crashing in waters of beaches and lakes are the common videos seen nowadays. Gone are those days… You may ask WHY. Thanks to SwellPro, a company that is bringing the new Splash Drone 3 Fisherman and AUTO versions. Talking about the all new Splash Drone 3, it has a long list of features that can be talked about.

Being the one of its kind, some of the noticeable features of the new drone are—it can hover in the water; [obviously] it is waterproof; it is outfitted with a 4K fastened camera and a Payload Release System, which is capable of providing a bait or life vest for a distance of up to 1 kilometer. This new waterproof drone’s flight controller has surplus safety attributes allowing it to involuntarily return to the same take-off point just at a flick of a switch or even auto-land in the battery voltage is going down—seems like this new buddy is way more effective than its forerunner.

The Fisherman Edition is loaded with a Payload Release System that particularly suits for the use of fishermen and boaters, and hunt and rescue people wishing to aid a swimmer who is in need of a life vest or also bait to the preferred place.

Both the Splash Drone 3 Fisherman and AUTO edition have the ability to fly in the snow, rain, land and float on water, and also cover underwater at the same time as wirelessly transmit video signals to the monitor on the remote control. The 4K video camera on the new waterproof drone AUTO edition is mechanically fastened and is capable of capturing 14 MP still photos with the help of its free-of-distortion lens. On the other hand, the Payload Release System of the news drone–Fisherman edition has a preset camera that is capable of carrying up to 2.5lbs pounds. Both the Payload Release System or 4K camera are interchangeable between the Fisherman and the AUTO Edition.

“Two years ago creating a waterproof drone was just a dream. Today, I’m happy to announce that this dream has become a reality,” said Alex Rodriguez, drone designer and CEO at Urban Drones—a drone technology company in South Florida and also the Splash Drone distributor in the US and Canada.

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