Third-Party Instagram App Flow Now Optimized for the iPhone

Flow, the most popular unofficial third-party Instagram app, has officially been optimized for use on the iPhone. Already a hit on the iPad, which saw nearly a quarter of a million people download it to their devices when it launched in late 2013, Flow is poised to remake the Instagram experience for all iPhone users.

This simple app launched to critical acclaim on the iPad, giving Instagram users who prefer a minimalist layout a better alternative than using the native photo-sharing app. Now, the streamlined utility of the iPad Flow app has found it’s way to the iPhone, ensuring that Instagram users can choose from a set of themes and viewing feeds that best fit their needs.

Image credit: Adweek

Image credit: Adweek

Codegent, the London-based design agency who created Flow, has released their highly rated app after years in development. The time it took to launch Flow on the iPhone was to allow Codegent the time to ensure that the app adhered to the media-friendly aspects that their iPad users have become accustomed to. With sleek viewing options and the added ability to bookmark any hashtag or user without following anyone, Flow is expected to rival Instagram in terms of users that use it on a daily basis.

Instagram users can download the Flow app free to their phone and, using their account information, can access their feeds just like they would on Instagram. Flow offers more options, however, giving you choices as to whether your feed focuses on images and video rather than hashtags and comments. The app also makes use of tabs, allowing you to view all your liked posts and content discoveries in one place, ensuring that you can always find the images that you are searching for.

Flow is not optimized for media uploading at the time of this release, a caveat to this essential app, which has ensured that Instagram will continue to reign supreme as the internet’s best-selling photo-sharing app. But with a premium upgrade available in the app store, Flow will allow you to toggle between multiple Instagram accounts, along with an included comprehensive home feed and customizable themes, options that are not currently supported by Instagram.

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