This Game Has Killed More Than 100 Youngsters

This Game Has Killed More Than 100 Youngsters

A thrilling social media ‘face-up-to game’ named as “Blue Whale” has been supposed to kill hundreds of teens and youngster all over the globe. Invented in Russia, the nerve-jangling ‘face-up-to game’ game is supposedly connected to many thousands of deaths all over the globe. In Russia alone, Blue Whale is responsible behind 100 cases of suicide, and now speedily scattering to other foremost nations like the United States and the United Kingdom. At this moment, after revealing many suicide cases to the world, the police in the United Kingdom have started making parents aware about the sick and unsettling challenge of death by Blue Whale since huge amount of youngsters have gradually been coming under the influence of the terrifying online game.

This Game Has Killed More Than 100 Youngsters

The game

Blue Whale that seems to be a royal game is in fact encouraging teens and paving paths to commit suicide. In past few weeks, Blue Whale has turned out to be a widespread movement on social media, and due to its diverse locations, it has become very tough for cyber police to map out its actual source. On the other hand, for the time being, the game is supposed to be deep-seated from Russia. A number of East European countries such Bulgaria are totally caught in the Blue Whale panic and have demystified the entire stuff before the media.

The challenge

Blue Whale is a social media ‘face-up-to game’ that is asking over users to perform some extremely threatening errands, such as employing a knife to draw the prototype of a whale with blood on their forearms. The game eventually ends with asking the user to commit suicide on the last day, that is on the 50th day, of the game to turn out to be the ‘winner’ of the game. While the major parentage of the game appears to emit from Russia, it is externally spreading its branches to remaining part of the civilized nation, where the fad of social media is really eminent.

For now, the only that you can do is to check whether the game has been installed in one of your friends’ mobile.

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