Truecaller introduces ‘Call Me Back’ feature

Truecaller—the famous app to detect unwanted and spam calls—has introduced a new update. It has added a new feature to its app for Android platform. The new app, version 7.82, comes with ‘Call me Back’ feature.

As the name says it all, this feature is used to call back the other person if the user gets disconnected due to some error in the network, or if the other person fails to attend the call, and if the other person is busy on another call.

In such situations, the caller will receive a prompt message saying, rather asking, if they want the receiver to ‘Ask to call back’ or they want to ‘Call again’ to the receiver. When the callers click on ‘Ask to call back’, a notification is sent to the receiver to call back the caller.

There is one more option in the list—‘Call anyway’. This will allow the user to call the receiver, no matter what. Whether she is busy or not, a call attempt will be made by the app to the receiver.

In the earlier version for iOS, the app had a feature—CallKit. This feature used to automatically detect and display whether the call has been reported as fake or spam by other users.

Well, this is good news for the users. We hope that the company and its app will bring many more such features to make it a smooth experience for the users. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us friends and do let us know your comments.

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