Turing Unveils Dark Wyvern, Now Available For Preorder

Turing Robotic Industries announced plans to launch the second series of its smartphone, commonly known as the Dark Wyvern, which is set for a December 11 release date. The Dark Wyvern will reportedly be the first phone to feature 5G WiGig 60 GHZ high-speed data transfer resolution, ensuring that a phone is backed up in minutes, rather than hours.

With the launch specifications becoming known to the cell technology industry, Turing is setting itself apart from other smartphone manufacturers by focusing on privacy and security. The phone is virtually immune to outside attacks, as Turing has removed all micro-USB ports and the headset jack, allowing only for a proprietary port that focuses solely on charging. The Dark Wyvern boasts a 128 GB storage capacity and a 3000mAh battery, and is coated with a proprietary metal material called liquid morphium, a liquid metal that is stronger than steel.

Image credit: Phone Dog

Image credit: Phone Dog

Included with the Dark Wyvern is the Wind Tunnel, a data transfer technology native to Turing. This technology is integrated throughout the phone and the accompanying phone cover case to provide the fastest transfers of data currently available on the market. The Wind Tunnel is exclusive to Turing and the Dark Wyvern, ensuring that customers’ security and privacy is always on the cutting edge.

Turing, which launched the original Turing Phone earlier this year, is also including the exclusive WiGig Turing Armor case with the $999 pre-order price point for the Dark Wyvern. It includes technology that allows for a transfer of 3.2 GB of data in less than half a minute, and backs up 64 GB of data in under ten minutes. The WiGig Turing Armor case also provides users with a headphone jack and a mini-USB port, giving Turing users the option to use them as needed, without compromising their security.

While many who come to hear of the Turing phone will opt for the Dark Wyvern, there is also an option for existing Turing phone customers. Those who wish to upgrade from the Turing to the Dark Wyvern may do so upon request and for a nominal fee, starting Thursday, September 24.

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