Uphold the Fruit Freshness for Longer

Uphold the Fruit Freshness for Longer

The moment you hear about fruits, the first thing that comes to your mind is freshness. Maintaining freshness in the fruits is really a difficult task due to its low shelf life and long distance travels. Hence, keeping this thing in mind the researchers have developed a new sensor, that too in a shape of a fruit, to help cargo companies retain their fruit freshness till it reaches the exact destination. It is then kept with the fruits in transit to keep a track of the temperature.

Uphold the Fruit Freshness for Longer

The sensors come in the shape of a mango, banana, apple, or orange that helps control the conditions of the fruits and take the action required. This technology can help keep the freshness for longer and help the consumers and retailers in return. The idea of creating a fruit sensor had come up mainly owing to the damages done to the fruits during their long distance travels and freshness maintenance. Reducing the tedious and constant checking of the fruits, whether damaged or perished, is expected to help develop more technologies to keep a track on the fruits.

The scope of improvement in this sector is still on. According to the various food agencies, temperature is the major reason behind a fruit’s freshness. Cargo companies’ businesses are at stack if the freshness of the fruits is not retained till it reaches its destination. Looking at the concerns among the cargo companies has urged the researchers to get the new sensor to keep an accurate track on the conditions during the fruits transit. The device mimics the exact characteristics of the real type of fruits.

Fruit-freshness sensor is an exact copy of the real fruit which has the composition made up of water, polystyrene, and carbohydrates in laboratory poured into the 3D fruit-shaped sensor molds. These sensors help maintain sanitary conditions, low-cost maintenance, and save the time of logistics.

Though this project is still in the pilot scale, it has a strong potential to become commercial in the coming months.

This X-ray fruit can uphold the fruit fragrance and freshness as though just plucked from the farm.a

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