Volvo is developing an autonomous truck for garbage management

Autonomous is the most searched and discussed topic on offline and online media. Developers have already accomplished the supremacy over the autonomous technology. The only thing left is the fixation of minute loopholes and fine tuning of the devices that are used in the assembly for accurate results. The acquisitions and mergers between automakers and technology-based firms have done some real magic with the self-driving technology.

One of the renowned names in the automobile industry that is famous for its reliable quality, and precise products, Volvo, has again disclosed about its decent plans linked to autonomous technology. Volvo is working on the garbage truck that will work autonomously.

The company already has autonomous truck functioning in mines located in Swedish since 2016. And now, the company claims that the same technology will be used to drive the self-driving garbage truck.

Volvo announced about its collaborative functioning with a Swedish waste management company—Renova. Both the companies will focus on development and deployment of the autonomous garbage truck.

It estimates exact functioning of self-driving technology built by Volvo that will engage huge-sized vehicles to move through busy and narrow streets. The testing will first involve truck driving through the desired area manually so that the GPS and sensor can readily map the route. Further, when the autonomous garbage truck will return to the same location, it will automatically stop and go for the operation. It will automatically know how to stop and where to go. In addition, the operator will also have an option to switch the vehicle in autonomous mode, climb down, and load the garbage in the truck. Post loading, operator will have to generate a command so that the truck itself drives to the next garbage bin. If the sensors detect any object in the path, the truck will move in the reverse direction from spot-to-spot instead of going forward.

Volvo claims that they have been working on to overcome the reversing method, which isn’t ideal in every situation. But this isn’t a serious case as the truck will be equipped with various sensors and 360-degree cameras. Based on this, the company claims that the truck will be safe while driving in any direction.

The garbage truck by Volvo will take some years to hit the roads, but utilizing autonomous technology beyond passenger cars will be a crucial move.

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