Water Purification Using Wood Is the New Eco-Friendly Technique

Water Purification Using Wood Is the New Eco-Friendly Technique

Water is life! Everything on this Earth revolves around water making it an essential commodity. Can the Scandinavia forest provide the people with anything beneficial? In order to answer this question right, the researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology are carrying out a detailed research on the woods in the forest. Due to the urgency in the need of water purification techniques, the researchers are exploring the use of wood-crafted filters to curb the microbial or viral growth in the impure water.

Water Purification Using Wood Is the New Eco-Friendly Technique

For developing a feasible technique, the researchers have developed a filter using the wood-based material and coated it with a polymer to help trap the bacterial or viral growth. The major advantage of this technique is that there is no release of toxins or harmful byproducts into the external environment.

According to the project’s brainchild Monica Ek, this filter can prove to be a helpful, eco-friendly, and portable on-site water treatment method where the water purification facilities are nil. The filter does not require any electricity as it functions are based on the gravity. The water, when passed through the positively charged filter-polymer, can trap the negatively charged bacterial and viral life forms. The antibacterial fiber used from the wood cellulose traps the bacteria and inhibits its reproduction process which in short leads to its death. The filter can be burnt after use.

This technological advancement for the treatment of water in the facility deprived areas can prove to be a stepping stone to success in terms of water purification methods.

This water purification project is of many projected being carried out at the KTH where a new unit called [email protected] had been launched on the World Water Day 2017 to encourage water treatment related projects.

Hence, the eco-safe antibacterial filter is a bonanza for the water treatment plants.

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