WhatsApp rolls out end-to-end encryption to iCloud

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company, introduced a feature that allowed end-to-end encryption for its entire consumer class in 2016. It made sure that only the intended recipient and the sender are allowed to read a message, hence avoiding it from being seized. The firm has now summed an additional layer of safety measures to the backup of iCloud, permitting iOS consumers to firmly keep a backup of their chats on iCloud.

As per different online studies, iCloud encryption of WhatsApp has been there for some instance but became noteworthy lately. On the other hand, Oxygen Forensics, a Russian-based security firm, said to have a backdoor to the encryption. The firm said that if they have authority to a SIM card, they can employ it to generate an encryption key that can be utilized by any person to authorize messages on iCloud with no difficulty.

What this fundamentally indicates is that management system with authority to a SIM card can probably employ it to silently obtain admission to messages that are encrypted and stored on iCloud.

Lately, an online study recommended that the Facebook-owned company is preparing on rolling out a new function that will permit the consumers to pin group or individual chats at the top. This pinning feature for chats and conversations is presented in version 2.17.162 and 2.17.163 for Android beta app of WhatsApp.

The new feature permits consumers to choose at the max three chats including both group and individual chats on the top so that they do not get misplaced in the catalog of chats. In order to pin a chat, consumers only have to long press on the desired chat and then click on the pin symbol that comes into view on the bar present at the top. There are different symbols as well that can be employed to access choices such as mute, delete, and archive.

The same procedure can also be employed to unpin the chats. Consumers only have to long press on that particular conversation once again and click the similar pin symbol on the bar present at the top to unpin a chat that is pinned.

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