When, Why And How To Celebrate Mother’s Day

There are some particular dates that you in no way you want to forget. Right? Because these special dates are really just not worth the hassle. Obviously, your anniversary will be the one, and the other will be, no doubt, Mother’s Day. So are curious to know when is the Mother’s Day 2017? Let’s get you there.

When is Mother’s Day 2017?

In the United States, along with several places around the world, Mother’s Day 2017 will be celebrated on coming Sunday, that is, May 14, 2017. However, in the United Kingdom, this close-to-heart event has already been celebrated on March 26, 2017 (Sunday).

“Why” factors of Mother’s Day

  • Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Mother’s day is a chance for everyone to show their gratitude for their mothers.

  • Why is Mother’s Day celebrated on different dates worldwide?

In the US, Mother’s Day was established in the year 1914 owing to the mums’ groups campaigns established during the Civil War. The leader of this movement, Anna Jarvis, in memory of her own mum, who died that month, fought for a May date. However, Anna was dissatisfied with date formalized by President Wilson.

  • Why does the Mother’s Day date change each year?

In the US, Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) is considered as an annual holiday that is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. Hence, the date somewhat varies every year.

In the UK, the Mother’s day date is connected to Easter. The Easter date varies every year since it is decided by the lunar calendar. In the UK, this special day always falls on the 4th Sunday in the Lent period, when people usually give up things such as particular foods or bad habits for the days near to Easter.

What gifts should you give on Mother’s Day?

There are no specific rules as to what gift you should be giving to your mother on this special day. However, the first, and the most simple, gift many of us prefer is a pleasant breakfast in bed.

While some other go for a bunch of flowers along with a sweet note. Well, there is a wide range of choices from which you can select one for your mother. Just make sure that instead of spending money on expensive gifts, gift something that your mother you love and will be happy to have one.

Try not to go to your mother empty handed…!!!

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