Wind powered electric trains in Netherlands

The Netherlands is joining the new green transportation era. It has all its passenger trains running powered by the wind energy. The urge for a clean and non-polluted environment will inspire the countries throughout the world to incorporate the wind energy powered train projects. For example, the Dutch railway company has announced that most of its trains use wind energy for transportation since January 1, 2017.

The Dutch Government has declared that by 2018 all its electric trains will be powered by the wind energy. The clean energy programs resulted in 75% use of wind power in electric trains in 2016 and the number soared high to 100% by January 2017. Thus, the electric trains powered by wind energy can be very promising in the coming years. The energy companies such as NS and Eneco together partnered the project of funneling renewable energy into a number of electric trains.

Electric trains in the Netherlands generally use around 1.2 Billion kWh of electricity a year. Thus, the use of a renewable source of energy for running the trains can create a large dent in the railway industry that earns most of the nation’s economy. The higher investments in the renewable energy based transportation are shrinking the nation’s carbon footprint.

The Dutch railway uses most of the wind energy generated from the wind farms in Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands. There are a number of farms being opened recently in order to provide clean renewable energy to the electric trains. Thus, in 2018, the Netherlands will have all its electric trains powered by wind energy.


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