Zboard 2—an Electric Skateboard Without a Controller

The CES 2017 has gifted many skateboarders with highly efficient skateboard. And there would be no argument in the belief that electric skateboarding is fun. But when it comes to give some outstanding performance in skateboarding, handheld controllers integrated with the board make it difficult to perform.

To overcome this issue and to boost the skateboarding experience, Los Angeles based startup ZBoard developed a board without a controller that functions automatedly with the help of the inbuilt sensors mounted on the board.

Previously, the foot-controlled accelerator was introduced by the ZBoard, but the ride was too unstable in urban cities that are full of obstacles.

In last week at CES 2017, the firm launched the second version of the board—ZBoard 2. This skateboard comes in two variants, the blue—it has a top speed of 20 MPH with a 16-Mile range and the other variant is the pearl—the top speed remains the same compared to the blue, just the difference is it can travel up to 24 Miles in a single charge.

Both the versions work on a belt-driven motor, which operates after pressure is exerted on the pressure pads by your feet. The skateboard also has integrated headlights and taillights.

The price of these skateboards varies based on their model type. The cost of the blue variant is $1,299, and the pearl can be purchased by spending $1,499.

So, it’s better to have a paddled accelerated board rather carrying an extra burden of the controller while having fun.

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